The Quickest Way To Achieve 20 Pull-ups In One Go

Out of the many different exercises, pull-ups, to this day, remain one of the more superior movements for building upper body strength and size. This being the case, it is certainly understandable to say that this is also one of the most physically demanding exercises. In fact, those that are just starting may even struggle to perform more than a few reps of this movement. That being said, while this exercise is very demanding, you can certainly get better, this is what I’m going to help you with today! More specifically, in this article, I’m going to go over two specific strength-training methods. These methods, if applied correctly, will greatly increase the number of pull-ups you can do. With time, you will be able to execute up to 20 pull-ups in just one set!

Without further ado, let’s get into this.

Greasing the groove

Unlike the second strength training method, greasing the groove or (GTG) can be applied to any training regime. Not only can it be applied to any form of training, but it is relatively easy to execute.

But what is greasing the groove? Let’s find out!

What is greasing the groove?

Greasing the groove is a method of training that entails a very time-considering and consistent array of reps and sets. These reps and sets will usually be spread out over the course of the day and will not be performed to a great degree of intensity to preserve muscular energy.

With a typical GTG formation, you can expect a specified exercise to be performed over the course of the day. This might mean that instead of performing 5 sets of 5 in a short time frame, you would instead perform 1 individual set of 5 reps, every 2 or so hours.

Since this method of training does not induce any form of muscular fatigue and/or damage, this strategy will usually be performed for many days in a row without fail.

Why greasing the groove will help achieving 20 pull-ups

Since GTG does not induce muscular fatigue and/or damage, almost if not every set will be performed perfectly and with ease. Because of this, your muscles will slowly build up in endurance without being interrupted by muscular damage and fatigue.

Let’s highlight some of the benefits.

  • GTG can be applied every day
  • It does not cause DOMS – (delayed onset muscle soreness)
  • It helps build muscular endurance
  • You will not be affected by muscular fatigue
  • GTG is a quick and easy way to get stronger

When you consider all the benefits listed above, it becomes obvious that greasing the groove can certainly be a very effective method to drastically boost your pull-up count.

Weighted pull-ups to achieve 20 pull-ups

If greasing the groove isn’t the training method for you, and you would prefer something a little more conventional, then weighted pull-ups may just be the training method for you. Seemingly invented at the dawn of time, weighted pull-ups are a truly old-school training method and to this day, remain one of the best methods for developing a stronger pull-up.

So, with all this being the case, what does the weighted pull-up entail?

What are weighted pull-ups?

Weighted pull-ups are very self-explanatory. The movement itself involves the standard pull-up movement with a twist, you will usually have some form of weight attached to you for increased resistance

Typically, you will attach a weight belt of some kind to your waist. This weight belt will usually come with a chain or some form of cable. As you might’ve guessed, the chain or cable is what you will use to attach your chosen weight to the belt. 

This strength-training method is designed to maximize intensity. This maximized intensity, as you will soon find out, can have drastic effects on both strength and performance.

Why weighted pull-ups will assist you with your 20 pull-ups

As you now know, weighted pull-ups are designed to overload add intensity and additional stress to the muscle. This additional overload can cause a wide array of both neurological and muscular adaptations which will further help you perform more pull-ups in the future.

Allow me to specify.

  • Weighted pull-ups overload the nervous system
  • They can cause an increase in muscle mass
  • They can fast track your strength gains
  • You will get stronger very quickly
  • Weighted pull-ups will not take much time out of your week

For many, weighted pull-ups are the way to go, and after reading this list, it isn’t hard to understand why. But since we are all different, weighted pull-ups may not be your preferred way to improve your pull-up count.


Find yourself not having enough time and/or energy for a full training session? Or maybe you are simply struggling with weighted pull-ups just a little too much. If this sounds familiar, greasing the groove may just be the training method for you.

On the other hand, if the idea of training several times a day doesn’t appeal to you, it may be that one all-out pull-up session is the obvious choice for you. 

Since both exercises offer a unique training strategy to themselves, it would be best to consider which one works best for you and your lifestyle.

The key takeaway is that both training methods, when applied correctly, can produce noticeable strength and endurance gains, all of which, will contribute to being able to pull off 20 pull-ups in one set!