8 Benefits of calisthenics and why you should start too!

Calisthenics is a form of exercising where you use your body weight as resistance instead of using free weights like in the gyms. Calisthenics is a trend that keeps getting more and more popular, especially since all the gyms are closed due to the coronavirus. Another reason could be because of the many benefits it has.

In this post, we discuss eight different benefits of calisthenics. And why you should start doing bodyweight exercises too!

1. It is really cheap or even free! 

One of the best benefits of calisthenics is that it is absolutely free. You theoretically do not need any equipment for this form of fitness. Bodyweight exercises such as push-ups can be done everywhere at any time. The only thing you need and is a pull-up bar. The pull-up is an essential exercise, so if you do not own a pull-up bar yet, You should definitely consider buying one. But even that is not necessary. There are plenty of calisthenics parks with pull-up and dip bars you can use for free. The only cost is travel time to go there. Want to know if there are any parks in your neighborhood? Click here to visit a website to see every nearby park.

2. It is time-efficient!

A con of the gym is the time you waste. Driving to the gym, put your clothes in a locker, and having to wait for the right equipment. With calisthenics, you have the option to work out from home, no travel time included. Besides, you do not have to wait for the right equipment, and because with calisthenics, you do not need any theoretical speaking. Add everything up, and you notice you will save a lot of time. Especially when you have a busy life, is calisthenics essential.

3. You will gain a significant amount of strength!

Calisthenics athletes are mainly don’t look that big as people who go to the gym. However, these calisthenics guys are strong as F*CK. Bodyweight exercises are mostly compound exercises, this means that with one exercise you train several different muscle groups. For example, the push-up, you train your chest, triceps, and even your core. This compound effect is involved in almost every exercise. The reason why your core muscles are so such a crucial part of calisthenics is that in almost any bodyweight exercise your core is involved. This is the reason why pro-calisthenics athletes and gymnasts have insane core strength.

4. Your not only gaining strength!

The fourth of the eight benefits of calisthenics, you are not only gaining strength like weight training. The beauty of calisthenics is that there are so many other different aspects you are working on, all at the same time. With calisthenics, you are also developing balance, flexibility, stability, and you will improve your posture. This all will help with better body awareness. It is not only useful during your workouts, but in your daily life as well.

5. Less chance of getting injured!

A common problem that occurs with weight lifters is pain in the joints. Due to overtraining, incorrect form, or simply lifting too much weight, injuries can be caused. It makes weight lifting much more injury sensitive. With calisthenics, there is a much lower chance of getting injured. The reason is that with bodyweight exercises, there is far less burden on the joint as with weightlifting. The resistance with bodyweight exercises is always just your bodyweight. Calisthenics exercises have a lower intensity and more reps, which is much better for your joints. Of course, this does not mean you cannot get injured at all with calisthenics. Always take care of yourself.

6. You will get ripped! 

Almost every bodyweight exercise is a compound exercise. Compound exercises are associated with burning fat really fast. In other words, you will burn a lot of calories doing calisthenics. You will literally melt the body fat of your body. Combined with the fact that the core in almost every exercise is involved will result in you getting some serious-looking abs.

7. It looks cool

Calisthenics is not all about getting that good-looking physic or obtaining massive strength. The skills also have a special place. By performing some cool moves, it looks like you have superhuman strength. Everybody will start to pay attention if you are doing one-arm pull-ups, a front lever, or doing planche push-ups. It looks like you are defying the laws of gravity. 

8. Weightlifting gets easier. 

The last one of the benefits of calisthenics may not surprise you, but weight exercises will be much easier if you have trained calisthenics sometimes. Bodyweight exercises are looking a lot like weight training exercises. The push up is basically a bench press with your bodyweight and upside-down. The Australian pull-up is the same as a row, and the handstand push up comes really close to a shoulder press. So here is a tip if you are struggling with, for example, the bench press, you can boost your progress by doing push-ups every day.