Fit N Recovery Massage Gun Review

The life of an athlete often involves rigorous training and high-intensity workouts. Without that, they won’t increase their stamina and endurance. To aid these workouts and training sessions, they need to reduce the physical stress with the help of regular massages.

The problem is that not always heading over to a professional masseur is possible. This is where massage guns come into the picture. Rather than using any massage gun, it is better to go with a renowned Fit N Recovery Massage Gun. Before you decide regarding the same, it is time to look at its uses and benefits.

Uses of Fit N Recovery Massage Gun:

This massager can come in pretty handy for any athlete. There are multiple use cases for the same that we will highlight below.

1. Massage anytime anywhere:

It is not easy to go to a massage parlor or hire a professional massage therapist when you’re on a strict schedule. This is where this gun can come in handy. It allows you to get a massage anytime and anywhere. When you do that, it becomes really easy to relieve your muscles.

Not only that, you can carry this gun with you wherever you go, which ensures that you can get a massage pretty much anywhere.

2. Reduces massage professional expenses:

An athlete has to bear a lot of expenses to look after themselves and get proper training and guidance. With this gun, you can reduce the costs of a professional masseur. That is another way in which this gun can come in handy.

3. Improves speed and endurance:

This massage gun can help you relax the muscles in your body. When the muscles relax faster, your speed and endurance will automatically improve.

That is why, if you’re serious about improving your speed and endurance, this massager gun is a necessity.

Now that you know the uses of this massager gun, it is time to look at its benefits.

Benefits of Fit N Recovery Massage Gun:

There are numerous benefits of this massager gun that we will cover below.

1. Customizable massage:

One of the benefits of this massage gun is that you can customize its operation according to your requirement. For the same, there are two ways.

30-speed levels:

There are thirty different speed levels to choose from. It means that you can precisely customize the speed of this massager.

Usually, such guns offer different speed levels, but seldom will you find a gun that offers 30different ones.

6 massage heads:

In addition to speed levels, there are six different massage heads on offer. That is why it becomes easier to choose the massage head which relaxes you the most.

With such numerous customization options, you certainly cannot go wrong with this gun.

2. Reduces reliance on massage professionals:

Another benefit of this massager gun is that you won’t have to rely on massage professionals any longer. Earlier, when you use to rely on them, you had to take an appointment in advance and show up on time. You also needed to factor in the traveling time to the massage parlor.

You can eliminate all of that when you start using this gun. You can get a massage wherever you want. That way, you can reduce the expenses and the time required for a massage.

3. Enhances blood circulation:

The massage gun we are speaking about now is a recovery massager. A recovery massage gun works on increasing the blood circulation in your body. When you use this massage, you will enhance not only the blood circulation but also the nutrient supply to your body. That is another reason to buy it.

4. Speeds up healing:

After a workout, it reduces your muscles’ stress and increases blood circulation. That is why it can speed up the healing process of the muscles.

Once the healing process is accelerated, you will notice the muscle-building process also getting accelerated. That is why, if you want to build muscles at a faster pace, this massage gun is a necessity rather than a luxury.

5. Reduces stress:

It has been proven that a massager can relax your body and reduce the stress in the muscles. It also has a calming effect on your body.

When you’re using this gun, then too you will notice the same benefit.

6. Aids mobility:

This massager can stimulate the nerve receptors. Whenever the nerve receptors are stimulated, blood vessels are widened, which will relax the muscles and improve mobility.

7. Reduces DOMS:

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is pretty common after high-intensity workouts. However, it can delay your workout as well as practice sessions. If you do not want to miss out on your athletic training session, it is a good idea to use this massager since it can reduce the delayed soreness of your muscles.

When such soreness is reduced, you will no longer have to rest multiple days, waiting for the swelling to subside. You need not worry about relying on any medicines to reduce or eliminate the swelling.

Thus, it can help you recover faster and train in a more disciplined fashion as an athlete.

8. Helps you target specific body areas:

The massager which we are discussing now is very easy to use. With the help of various heads, you can target different body parts. When you’re precisely targeting these parts of the body, it becomes very easy to reduce pain, swelling, or stress in any body muscle.

9. Warms up the muscles:

Until now, we have highlighted only the benefits that occur after a strenuous workout or a training session.

However, using this massager at a lower setting before the workout can warm up the muscles. When your muscles are warmed up, the chances of an injury or sprain occurring are reduced significantly.

With so many different benefits, this massager cannot go wrong.


The Fit N Recovery Massage Gun has a slew of benefits that are missing in other massage guns. Once you consider these benefits and the multiple use cases, you will realize that it is undoubtedly superior to other massagers you can find online.

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