Why you should use gymnastics rings

When most people think about gymnastics rings, they probably think about the gymnasts at the Olympics. These guys perform the most advanced moves on the still rings. However, you do not have to be an experienced gymnast in order to use gymnastics rings. I will talk about why a pair of workout rings is such a must-have in your equipment collection.

Basic exercises such as pull-ups and dips on rings may look easy but are, in fact, far more challenging. People who have ever implemented gymnastic rings in their workout routines will probably have noticed how much harder it is than regular exercises.

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Benefits of using gymnastics rings

Like I said before, using gymnastics rings is much more challenging than the regular exercises you do with a pull-up bar. It is because of one reason: gymnastics rings are very unstable in comparison with the pull-up bar. Workout rings are not fixed, like a stable pull-up bar. Therefore it requires your muscles to do far more work. Finding the right balance can be very challenging. This way, you will target muscles you would otherwise not hit. So, the BIG benefit of using workout rings is that you will get BIG. Start using workout rings for some time, and you will start seeing results and a massive boost in strength. It is also the reason why these high-level gymnasts have such developed muscles.

But that is not it. There are many other benefits you get when owning a pair of gymnastics rings.

Better for your joints, when doing pull-ups on a static bar, your hands are always in the same position. Unlike with gymnastics rings, your hands are not in a fixed position. You hold a position your joints like the best. Because you switch your grip easily, you will always keep the most natural position for your joints. This way, you will avoid burdening your ligaments and tendons too much. You will train more and different muscles you would not train with a regular pull up bar.

Not only arm strength, gymnastics rings are pretty unstable, as we already know. It requires your body to use more muscles in order to stabilize itself. The main muscles you will use are in your core. Your core is constantly under tension. You will gain a whole amount of core strength when training with gymnastic rings. Just take a look at pro gymnasts. These guys have literally bulletproof abs.

But also, just traditional core or even leg exercises are much more challenging when performed. Lower the rings a bit and start doing, for example, L-sits or Lunges. Put one-foot through the hole of the gymnastic ring. Due to the instability, and therefore, the higher intensity, you will notice it is much harder than when you perform the exercises in a fixed place. You will hit more and other muscles. It makes the gymnastics rings an effective tool to train your upper body. But also your lower body parts.

Anywhere anytime, A pair of gymnastics rings are extremely versatile. You can basically attach your workout rings to almost everything, a ceiling, a pull-up bar, or even a tree. Especially useful for people who travel a lot. Easy to take with you when traveling and even easier to set the rings up. Adjust the height to your preference. This will allow you to do pull as well as push exercises. Train all body parts anywhere at any time! 

Exercises on the rings

After reading everything I mentioned above, you see that using workout rings is quite beneficial. Almost every exercise you do on a bar/floor, can also be done with the use of a pair of gymnastic rings. Making every exercise a lot harder, but in return, you will get much and much stronger after some time.

  • Ring pull-ups and chin-ups, different variations or weighted ring pull-ups
  • Ring Muscle-up
  • Rows, Elevated rows to make it harder
  • Ring push-ups
  • Ring dips, Already hard for most people use weight to make it even more difficult 
  • Core exercises, Do core exercises like plank, l-sits, or leg raises on a pair of gymnastic rings. You will create a bulletproof core because of the instability of the rings 
  • Even leg exercises, Put one leg through one ring and start doing a couple of reps of lunges. The foot through the ring will make it so much harder to balance. This way you will use other muscles than normal

Different kinds of gymnastics rings

When it comes to choosing a pair of gymnastic rings, there are a couple of crucial things you need to consider before purchasing. Crucial factors such as, what material are the rings made of, what is the right thickness, or how long does the strap need to be?

Wooden gymnastic rings

Probably the most common and familiar, are the wooden gymnastic rings. Used by pro-Olympic gymnasts daily, and therefore it is not weird to say that these are the best option.

Gymnastic rings made out of wood have the ability to absorb sweat, which ensures that you got a strong and solid grip. However, this feature comes with a higher price tag. Overall wooden rings have better quality than other materials like plastic or metal. Therefore they are a little bit more expensive.

Plastic gymnastic rings

Another option, are plastic gymnastic rings, and these also the most affordable variant. It is because plastic rings are easy and cheap to make. But, this is also why the quality is not that great. The durability of metal or wooden gymnastic rings is much better.

But the plastic rings can be a great option for beginners who do not want to spend too much money yet. If you like the plastic variant, you can always upgrade to wooden rings later.

The biggest con of plastic workout rings is that after a few sets the rings will get slippery. Holding a sustainable grip will be a tough challenge. Uncomfortable when you try to perform exercises that are difficult.

Metal gymnastic rings

The last variant, and mostly seen in a calisthenics park, are the metal rings. Metal workout rings have obviously the best durability of the three variants. The workout rings, made out of rust-resistant steel, are literally indestructible. The downside of metal gymnastic rings is that they can get quite slippery when it is raining or when you have sweaty hands. Besides, your skin is much more comfortable when training on plastic or wooden rings. Your skin does not like hard metal, especially in cold weather conditions.


Besides the differences in material, there are also different options when it comes to thickness. The thickness of the ring is quite important, because this determines how steady your grip is. The most common thickness sizes are 28 mm and 32mm. For beginners who do not have enough grip strength yet, I recommend going for the smaller option. The thicker the rings, the harder the exercises are.  

How long do the straps need to be?

Gymnastics rings are most of the time used for pull exercises. However, if you want to do any push, core, or leg exercises, you need to lower the rings a bit. Therefore, it is really essential that the straps are long enough. Otherwise, you cannot perform all exercises. An optimal strap length is 12ft to 15ft, around 3,5 meters to 4,5 meters. Another factor that plays a role is the height of the object from where you hang your gymnastic rings. If you have a high ceiling, then too short straps will not help you. So before you buy, do some research.

Best Gymnastic Rings

Now we talked about all the benefits, exercises, and the different kinds of rings. It is time to take a look at what are some best buying recommendations are. We cover a couple of products I would buy myself if I am interested in a pair of gymnastic rings. You will read a description of the product as well as the product information with all the measurements.

Pullup & Dip Gymnastic Rings

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The first product on the list are the wooden gymnastic rings of the german company Pullup and dip. They are made out of quality birch wood with additional straps, which can hold up to in total, 200kg per strap. The straps are equipped with quick hold buckles. This way, you can easily adjust the height of the rings. It allows you to do more and different exercises. Talking about ring exercises, when purchasing this product, you will receive a PDF file with 45+ exercises that can all be done on gymnastic rings. So you can start right away after you set everything up!

Lightweight and equipped with an added protection bag to transport your equipment easily to a calisthenics park or on vacation. Along with the bag comes a door anchor to attach your rings to a door. Great for indoor use as well as outside use, however, I do not recommend using this piece of equipment while it is raining if you want to keep its quality good.

Product information:

  • Ring diameter: 28mm
  • Internal diameter: 18cm
  • weight 1,170 kg
  • Loadability: 200kg per strap
  • strap length: 4,5m

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The next product on this small list and simultaneously the best-seller on amazon are the gymnastics rings of PACAEARH. Just like the rings of Pullup and dip made out of strong birch wood. For a reasonable price, the rings are yours. Along with the rings and straps comes tape that you need to wrap around the rings. It will absorb the sweat you lose, and it, therefore, will provide extra grip during your exercises. Note that this anti-slippery grip is optional. It comes with the product, and you do not need to use it.

Other features of this product are the loadability and the secure buckles that come with the straps. The rings can hold up a significant amount of 450kg, which is more than the exercise rings from Pullup and dip can. With the 4,5m/14.76ft straps comes the secure buckles. This allows you to hang your rings at almost any height so you can do all the exercises you want to do. After you received this product, it only takes a couple of minutes to set everything up, and you are ready to train!

Product information.

  • Material: birch wood
  • Capacity: 700kg/1500lbs
  • Outside diameter: 23.5cm/9.25 inch
  • Inside diameter: 17.1cm/6.73 inch
  • Ring thickness: 3.2cm/1.26 inch
  • Strap Width: 3.8cm/1.49 inch
  • Strap length: 4.5m/14.76ft

NAYOYA Gymnastic Rings

The last and most affordable product are the plastic gymnastics rings from NAYOYA. The product is not one of the best sellers on amazon without any reason. This piece of equipment is for only 30 dollars, much cheaper than most wooden gymnastics rings where you pay around 50 dollars to own one. Besides the low price, this product does deliver some great features. The rings are made out of PC plastic. Therefore you may think the quality is not that great. But combined, the rings can hold up to 2000lbs/ around 900kg. Another great feature of the plastic rings from NAYOYA, is that they made the rings with a grippable texture. It reduces the slipperiness a bit that comes along with sweaty hands.

Further, this product has everything you need, just like the workout rings from above. The straps are equipped with a buckle system. It again allows you to do all kinds of exercises, pull and push exercises. The whole thing is easy to set up, and will only take 5 minutes before you can start with your workout.

The only downside of this product is the fact that it is made out of plastic. It is cheap, but this does reduce its quality. With wooden rings, you have more advantages, but at a higher cost. However, for beginners who just started working out, it is better to choose a cheaper option. You can first see if you actually like working out with rings. You can always switch to better and quality gymnastics rings made out of wood later.

Product information:

  • Inside diameter: 6 3/4 inches/ 17.145cm
  • Thickness: 1 1/8 inches/ 2.8575cm
  • strap length: 14 feet/ around 4 meters
  • Loadability: 2000lbs/around 900kg


In this post, why you should apply gymnastics rings in your workout routines. We talked about the benefits of workout rings, great exercises on the gymnastic rings, and talked about the rings themselves. We have seen that gymnastics rings not only make you much stronger, but they are also extremely portable. You can take them almost everywhere and set them up.

Rings are made out of three different materials, wood, plastic, or metal. Each material has its own benefits. With wood as the best option, but it is also more expensive. At last, we took a look at some of the highest-rated pairs of rings of three different companies.

My personal favorite are the gymnastics rings of the germans company Pullup and dip.