Five ways to improve your workout performance instantly!

Seeing results with fitness or calisthenics is a very time-consuming process. It can take months and months before you see any visible results. The best and fastest way to getting results is by having optimal and productive workouts. However, everybody has these “weaker” days. Nobody’s workout is always a good workout. Therefore in this post, I’ll cover a few ways to make your workout as productive and optimal as possible. This way, you progress and see results faster.

Be well-rested before a workout

Sleep is probably one of the most crucial factors of muscle building. Poor sleep means poor muscle recovery. And being sore during your workout is definitely not optimal. If your muscles are still recovering from the previous workout, you can’t use your muscles at your full potential. Besides muscle recovery, better sleep will also increase concentration and energy. In other words, sleep is important. Try having at least eight hours of sleep. I will ensure you will have much better workouts!

Consume caffeine before a workout

Another effective way to boost your workout performance is by taking caffeine before you work out. Caffeine wakes you up and gives you a massive energy boost. This can really help if you feel a bit tired or just don’t feel like working out. You can take a pre-workout supplement or a regular coffee. Pre-workout is a little stronger, but coffee will also do the job. Make sure you take it about fifteen minutes before you start training to get the most benefits out of them. This way, the caffeine will kick in when you begin your workout.

Listen to music

Music can really influence your emotions. Listen to happy or sad music, and you will most likely be happy or sad. The same goes for when working out. Listen to music, which motivates you, makes you concentrate, which gives you energy. I suggest you create a playlist of songs that gives you a beastmode-feeling.

And I don’t care if it is rap, metal, rock, or just pop music, as long as it motivates you. I will guarantee you the right music will make you feel much stronger!

No distractions

Something that can really mess up your workout performances are distractions. Talking about useless topics with other people or scrolling twenty minutes through Instagram. These are all distractions that cost valuable time you could have used for your workout. To maintain concentration and keep productivity high, you put some music on. This way, other people and sounds don’t distract you. Put away your phone, so it does not distract you either. When you get rid of the distraction, you can fully focus on the things that matter, your workout. And after you finish your workout, you can talk to other people or scroll through memes again.

Stay hydrated when working out

Drinking a lot of water is highly important. There are plenty of benefits of staying hydrated throughout the day. Water keeps your skin healthy, it assists digestion, and it can even help you lose weight. On the other hand, drinking too little water can make you weak, give you headaches, or makes your reaction time slower. I recommended drinking at least 2-3 liters of water every day.

Especially during your workout, you should drink a lot of water. While you work out, you will lose a lot of sweat, and your body will heat up. In order to compensate for this, you should absorb a lot of water. Keep a full bottle next to you, this will keep you sharp and strong during your workout.