Tutorial on how to use resistance bands

Resistance bands are everywhere in the fitness industry. In calisthenics, we use them too, and for many reasons. These bands have so many uses. They can be useful in literally every workout session.

In this post, we go more into detail on everything you can do with a resistance band, what the benefits are when using them, and which one you should buy to optimize your workouts.

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How to use a resistance band

Different kind of resistance bands

Recommended buying options

Endless possibilities with a resistance band

Having a band as part of your workout equipment is really beneficial. Like I said before, you can use resistance bands in every workout session. Use them as stretching/warming-up equipment or for exercising. They are lightweight, so it is effortless to take with you if you go, for instance, to the gym. Or, maybe on vacation to get a quick workout in. Here I made a list of some benefits resistance bands will provide.


A resistance band can replace a lot of equipment in your home gym at once. It can replace dumbells, for instance. With resistance bands, you can do your curls, tricep extensions, rows. And lots of other exercises you would normally do with free weights. Another benefit of having bands over dumbells of kettlebells, Bands weigh almost nothing and are much cheaper in comparison to a set of dumbells.

Change the difficulty level of an exercise!

With bands, you can not only do exercises like curls, but you can also use them to make an exercise harder. You can make the pushup much harder by adding a resistance band. It is almost the same as putting on a weight vest. 

It is also possible to make the exercise easier. If you cannot do a pull-up, buying a resistance band may be the solution. 

These bands will make an exercise like the pull-up much easier. Moves that are much harder, like the muscle-up, are also easier to learn if you use resistance bands. An effective way of achieving a hard move, such as the planche, is to attempt the exercise using a strong resistance band. If you succeed, you decrease the resistance by changing to another weaker band. Keep doing this till you eventually can perform the move without the resistance bands.

Stretching and warming up!

It is crucial to warm up before a workout and do some stretches after your training. It will decrease the chance of getting injured and will improve your mobility and flexibility. There are a lot of different stretches you can perform with a resistance band. It is a great tool to get a good warm-up and some stretching in.

Different kinds of resistance bands

There are three different types of resistance bands. All these types have various uses. So before you order anything, make sure to know what you want to achieve with your band. Here we go more into detail on every benefit of every resistance band. 

Flat loop band

The classic resistance band, the flat loop band, has many benefits and uses. It is mainly to assist you during exercises, or you can use the resistance band to make an exercise harder.

Especially for a beginner, I would recommend buying this piece of equipment. You can make your first pull or muscle-up finally possible with the help of this band. They are also a great tool to get a quick warm-up in. Or to get some stretches in at the end of your workout session.

You can purchase this band in different resistance types, ranging from very strong with a lot of resistance to weaker bands that provide less resistance.

Tube band

You can recognize tube bands because of the handles at the end of the bands. A perfect replacement for dumbells, you can use this band for exercises such as curls. There are also different types of Tube bands with other attachment types. It allows you to attach the band to other objects and structures. This way, you can start doing full-body workouts.

Mini resistance bands

The last kind of resistance band is a smaller one. The mini-bands, are mainly used for yoga and lower body exercises. They look similar to the flat loop band. However, they are much smaller.

As you may have noticed, there are several different bands with differences in strength. Bands have weaker and stronger variants. When searching for a resistance band, you do not want to have a band that is too strong nor too weak. So it Very depends on the goals you have. For example, you will need a strong band, if you want to learn how to do a pull-up. But if you only use your band for stretching and as a warming-up tool, you may want to purchase a band with less resistance. So look at the goals you have, and buy a resistance band depending on that.

Recommended buying options

Here I made a list of companies that deliver quality resistance bands. I will give my opinion on each of their products. And I will show you the pros and cons.

Flat loop resistance bands


An American company, who is specialized in making rubber bands. The resistance bands of Rubberbanditz are by far the best bands with the highest quality. They last much longer than bands of other companies. That is because of their special design. The bands are made of natural latex, which provides a much higher quality. I also own a resistance band of Rubberbanditz, and I can confirm. About one and a half years, I ordered one, and even to this day, its quality is still perfect.

The only downside of this company is the high price. The best quality comes at the highest price, also because of the shipping costs. So if you live in the US, you are in luck, But unfortunately for people who live elsewhere, we have to pay extra.

Interested in a full review of this product? Click here for the full article!

Pull up and dip

The German company does not only provide their famous Pullup and dip bar. But they also have a lot of other products for sale. Resistance bands are one of them. 

The quality of pullup and dip bands does not come nearly as close to the ones of Rubberbandz. So that is a downside. It does not mean that the quality is inferior. The resistance bands are mediocre. 

However, a pro is that you do not have to pay as much as you would for the Rubberbanditz bands. The price depends on the strength of the resistance band, but overall, the ones of pullup and dip are cheaper. Shipping costs will also influence the price.

Another pro is if you order now, you will receive a free ebook with about 30 different exercises, you can do with the resistance bands!

Available pull-up band strengths:

EXTRA LIGHT (red): 4kg-12kg resistance; Length 104 cm, width 1,3 cm, Stretching, warm-up and light strength training. 

LIGHT (black): 7kg-24kg resistance; Length 104 cm, width 2,1 cm, Stretching, warm-up and light strength training. 

MEDIUM (blue): 16kg-36kg resistance; Length 104 cm, width 3,2 cm, moderate strength training, medium support for pull-ups 

STRONG (green): 23-54kg resistance; Length 104 cm, width 4,5 cm, heavy strength training, strong support for pull-ups

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Tube resistance bands

Pullup and dip

Like I said before, Pullup and dip has a lot of products for sale. Besides the flat loop resistance bands, they also have bands with handles.

If you order their product for 50 euros, you will receive the full package. Containing five different bands with 64 strength levels. They call it the smallest gym, and that is not without any reason. It is lightweight, and there are over 50 exercises to train. It is included, with a door anchor and 2x padded foot straps. This makes it possible to do a full body-workout everywhere you go.

At first, it may be looking a bit pricey. However, it is worth the 50 euros. You receive all the equipment and items you need in one full package. Overall it is a great product.

Interested in purchasing? You are able to get a 10% discount if you buy your pullup and dip product trough this button below. Use the code “p.c10″ to get your discount.

Mini bands 

The last resistance band on this list belongs to the mini bands. The mini bands of fit simplify are perfect for yoga or pilates practicers. As one of the best-rated on Amazon, you will receive five different bands if you order this product. The resistance bands are made from natural latex and are soft for the skin. This way, you do not hurt your legs while exercising.


In short, a resistance band has a whole lot of uses, assisting you in challenging exercises, stretching, and much more. 

There are 3 three kinds of resistance bands. The flat loop band, this one is the most familiar. Used a lot by people who are struggling with pull and muscle-ups. Next, you have the tube band, known for the handles at the end. The last resistance band is the mini band, mostly used by people who practice yoga or pilates.

We also took a look at what were the best buying recommendations.

The company with the best quality resistance bands is Rubberbanditz.