The most underrated calisthenics exercises you need to start doing.

In calisthenics, there are dozens of exercises, one better than the other. In order to achieve your goals, you pick a couple of exercises and make them into a workout routine. Most people select the most basic exercises such as the pull-up, push-up, dip, (pistol)squat, etc. You know what I am talking about. To make your workout more interesting, I have a couple of underrated calisthenics exercises for you to implement. These exercises are exercises that are overlooked or overestimated. However, these exercises can be extremely beneficial when performed correctly.

Pseudo planche push-up

The first one of the most underrated calisthenics exercises is the Pseudo planche push-up. And if I could recommend any exercise to a beginner, it would be this one. The exercise itself is not easy, but it will literally set your upper body on fire. It targets your chest, shoulders, core, triceps, and, depending on your hand placement, even your biceps.

In order to execute this exercise, you start off in a push-up position. But, you need to rotate your hands a little bit, and you are going to lean forward as far as you can. Once you are in this position, you will already notice why this exercise is so underrated. Lower yourself and push back up while still leaning forward, rinse and repeat. 

The pseudo-planche push-up is, in my opinion, the best exercise for learning the real full-planche push-up. It is basically an assisted version of the ultimate move. Progress with attaching some weights, and you will become strong as hell, I guarantee you. 

Hollow body hold

If you are a beginner and you want to build a solid foundation of core strength, I advise you to start doing some hollow body holds. The exercise itself is really straightforward. You start off laying on the ground. Once on the ground, you keep your hands behind your head, and you lift your legs. As soon as you are in this position, it will start to burn. After 30 seconds, you will know why I find this exercise so underrated.

This exercise really helped me building core strength back in the day, I remember doing this exercise countless times. Especially if you want to learn the front lever, I suggest you implement this exercise. The hollow body hold really replicates the front lever, without actually being in a front lever. Add some leg raises, and you will build a bulletproof core in no time.

Bridge pose

The next exercise is not so much of a strength exercise, but a mobility exercise. The bridge is a famous but difficult yoga pose. I think this exercise is so underrated because too few people focus on mobility and flexibility in calisthenics. And let me tell you this, the more flexible you are, the smoother calisthenics will be. The bridge pose is one of the best mobility exercises out the. The pose mainly focuses on lower back and shoulder mobility, and these two are crucial in calisthenics. For example, the handstand, better shoulder mobility equals a cleaner handstand.

However, the bridge is not an easy pose, as I said before. It will take some time before you get there. But, building up to the required mobility is already a good exercise.

Scapula pull-ups

If you want to focus on the skills of calisthenics, like the planche and the front lever, you must have a strong scapula. That is because your scapula is crucial when it comes to the technique of the skills. Without proper scapula strength, your form will look horrible. And this can lead to misusage of your muscles.

To do the scapula pull, you start in a dead hang position. From there, you only lift your scapulas while keeping your arms straight. This doesn’t feel difficult at first, but after ten reps, it will start to burn.

Ring exercises

The next is not just one exercise, but I think all ring exercises are very underrated. Everybody who uses workout rings in their workout knows how great they are. You can build absolute strength with them due to the extra muscle you need to use in order to stabilize yourself. Therefore, I think everybody should include ring exercise in some way.  

The rings do not only boost your strength, no due to the high intensity, the rings will also shred the fat of your body like it is nothing. After some time working with these rings, you will look like a greek god, and who doesn’t want that?

The reverse nordic curl/Neutral leg extension

Now it is time to talk about legs, it is said that the pistol squat is the best leg exercise in calisthenics, however, I disagree. In my opinion, the reverse nordic curl is the best leg exercise. You have never heard of it, right? Here is a vid to demonstrate it:

This exercise has literally everything. it builds big and strong legs, and it makes you more flexible in your quads. All that in just one exercise. But nonetheless, this exercise isn’t quite easy, in fact, it takes a will before you achieve it. Still, I think this exercise is amazing even for beginners. Slowly building your way up is also a great exercise for obtaining the three things I mentioned above. 

So there you have it, the six most underrated calisthenics exercises. Quick summary:

  • Pseudo-planche push-ups
  • The hollow body hold
  • Bridges
  • Scapula pull-ups
  • Ring exercises
  • The reverse nordic curl