Ways to keep yourself motivated with your calisthenics journey

If you want to achieve something in life, you need one thing, motivation. Without it, you will never stick to a good habit or reach a specific goal. So it is with your calisthenics journey!

Most people who just started with calisthenics or fitness will have a lot of motivation. The first few workouts will go really well. However, after some time, your motivation will fade away. You will need more will power to get to work again. 

In this blog post, I will cover some ways to stay motivated all the time. These have kept me motivated to work out for two years already. 

Let’s dive into it!

Train with friends!

The first and in my opinion, maybe the best way to stay motivated is to work out with friends. Especially having people around you with the same goals as you can be motivating. It can bring out a friendly-competitive side, which will encourage each other even more to push the limits. With this increased motivation comes more consistency. You are less likely to cancel a workout if your friend is already waiting outside.

So, try to walk the journey with a group of friends or a training buddy, and you will not lose the motivation that fast.

Watch motivational videos!

Something I always find really motivating is to watch (youtube)videos of my idols. Famous athletes in the calisthenics community like Andrea Larosa, who are already at the top, their videos will give you energy and the desire to work out.

Just before a tough workout, I will watch a couple of motivating videos to ensure even more motivation.

Look at old progressions pictures and videos!

Besides watching videos of Calisthenics pro’s, you can also watch old videos of yourself. Progression pictures and videos you made along the journey. It shows you how far you have already come. Why would you stop now? 

During my two-year calisthenics journey, I made a lot of videos. If I look back when I was still a rookie, I am proud of what I have accomplished in these two years. I put all these videos together and made a nice progression video. Watching this back really motivates me to workout.

Change things up!

Doing the same workout over and over again could become quite boring at some time. When working out, find a balance between challenging and fun. Otherwise, you will lose motivation in the long term. When your workouts do get boring. I suggest you change things up. 

  • Change exercises
  • Set new short-term goals
  • Change the reps/set range
  • Focus on explosive exercises
  • Weighted calisthenics

Know your why!

If you ever feel unmotivated and do not feel like working out. Think back to when you just started with your calisthenics journey. Why did you start? What was your why? Think about all the goals you wanted to achieve. Think about all this. I ensure you, you will get motivated. Do not let all your hard work be for nothing!

People who got a strong-why will never give up!

Listen to music!

The last way to keep yourself motivated is more of a way to boost your motivation during your workouts. Listen to workout music or other motivating music. It will support you to do one more reps/set. It will give you more energy and help you to concentrate on your workouts. Your performance will be better, and this will lead to better results.